Technically NOT a monthly synopsis. Quick and messy life update! (+ a giveaway!)

Hey all! With the sudden 10-day vacation courtesy of the ASEAN Summit being held here in the Philippines (note: this supposed vacation is a complete scam — but more on that later), together with the equally sudden realization that I haven’t really updated you guys on what’s going on with me outside of my blog, I decided to write up a quick post before continuing to battle against the mountain of academic requirements (I’d like to say that I’m currently winning, but that’s really just my wishful thinking).

In an attempt to put a little orderliness in this post, I’m going to break things down into three sections: PAST, CURRENTLY, and FUTURE. I know, I know. I’m not very creative. But bear with me!

Here we go.



Wrapping up May 2017 (and a half-hearted promise that I’ll be blogging more frequently)

As I mentioned in my monthly synopsis for April 2017, blogging inactivity is to be expected because of college finals, among other academic requirements for the semester. I’d elaborate on the kind of month-long hell I had to go through, but at this point, I just want to put all of that behind me so let’s not even go there. What matters is that I survived, and I’m still here, writing to all of you.

But I digress. Here’s another really pitiful monthly synopsis of my blogging!


Wrapping up April 2017 (and why you should expect more blog inactivity)

And just like that, April is already drawing to a bittersweet close. I describe it as bittersweet because April has been an unbelievably hectic month for me, and I cannot be happier to rid myself of it. However, the incoming month promises to be a lot busier and perhaps even crazier. What with it being the last leg of my college semester and all. But I’ll elaborate on this later on.

My wrap-up post for April 2017 will most likely be shorter and less substantial than my previous monthly synopsis for March 2017 because — cue dramatic pause — I’ve blogged even less frequently this time around. Yep, given my prolonged inactivity, I didn’t think this was possible either.


Wrapping up March 2017 (and re: Shealea joined a poetry-writing competition)

Hello there! It’s nearly two weeks into the month of April, and I’ve only had the time to wrap up last month now (what with this week being Holy Week and all). Things have been incredibly exhausting and insanely hectic lately, and as such, I’ve been left with little to no room to write for the sake of writing (as opposed to writing for the completion of academic requirements).

I think it’s pretty obvious that I failed to anticipate the sudden increase in deadlines and college work, which would explain the gradual decline of my online presence and activity here in my blog. It’s sad, really, because I was very motivated to publish a lot of fresh content and to write unapologetically. But life doesn’t make adjustments for anyone. I’m the one who’s tasked with the obligation to learn how to adapt.

I’m incoherently babbling, sorry. Let’s proceed with the wrapping up part of this post!


Wrapping up February 2017

Hello! Unfortunately, I was unable to do a wrap-up before February ended because lately, my weeks have been crammed with tons of events, college requirements and org responsibilities. I’d go into detail, but I know doing so will only bore you. Yep. But I’m here now, and I’m excited to go through a quick recap of my blog posts for the second month of 2017!

For the month of February, I read a total of seven books – including both novels and poetry collections. This is a remarkable increase compared to the two books I read back in January. I’m pretty happy about that. In terms of quality, however, I was largely disappointed and/or underwhelmed by most of these books. I’ll explain this further once I finish my reviews!


Wrapping up November 2016, December 2016 and January 2017 [and why I’ve only read one book this month]

Can you believe that the last wrap-up post I wrote was August 2016? What even. But anyway, I’d like to keep this recap short, simple and sweet. Let’s do it!

Since my posts for January 2017 are (sadly) pretty few and far in between, I decided to include my posts from last November and December as well! Don’t worry, though. What I lack in original content, I make up for with a ridiculous number of recommendations! Be it a discussion post, a blog or a book. I may have only read one book in January, but hey, I’ve been exploring the cyber realm frequently and reading a lot of other people’s posts!


Wrapping up August 2016 [Quite possibly the worst reading and reviewing month I’ve had so far]

The post title itself is quite misleading as it suggests that I’m displeased by my progress for the month of August — which is not true at all! But more on that later.

As a lot of you know, August is my birth month (it honestly still feels quite strange to know I’m already twenty years old) so it isn’t really a surprise that things got significantly hectic for me. August 2016 was particularly busier than usual because (a) I returned from my month-long hiatus and officially relaunched my blog, and (b) a new college semester started and it took me two whole weeks to get enrolled. I won’t lie. I felt very overwhelmed every now and then. Things just kept happening, and I legitimately never ran out of things to do. Overall, however, I feel rather proud of myself for being more productive than I expected and for sticking to the goals I’ve set for myself. Certainly, there is still a lot of work to be done — both on my blog and in real life — but I’m confident I made a pretty strong start and I intend to continue this momentum.