#TheVotingGamePH: interview with Peter Gulgowski (and giveaway!)


Hello. Peter! It’s such an honor to have you on my blog today. Let’s kick this interview off with a few questions about yourself. What are three quick facts about yourself that most of your readers might not know yet?

Thank you! I love cooking, learning to play different instruments (piano, viola, cello), and I am trying to learn to speak fluent French!

You’ve written a handful of books under the dystopian and/or science fiction genre. What are some sci-fi books and films you’d personally recommend?

That’s tough! There are so many! For films, I loved What Happened to Monday?, Alien, and I, Robot. For books, I really enjoyed Divergent, City of Bones, and Dark Matter.

When you’re not working on writing projects and author stuff, what are you usually up to?

As a full-time college student, when I’m not writing, I am usually in class or studying for an upcoming exam. However, for fun, I will hang-out with friends, catch up on a few shows I’m watching on Netflix or Hulu, or I’ll play video games. I’m fairly normal for a twenty-one-year-old when I’m not writing! Haha.



Interview with Frank Cavallo: Eye of the Storm (+ Giveaway)

Horror and dark fantasy author Frank Cavallo’s work has appeared in magazines such as Another Realm, Ray Gun Revival, Every Day Fiction, Lost Souls and the Warhammer e-zine Hammer and Bolter. His latest novel, Eye of the Storm, was released in August 2016 by Ravenswood Publishing.

Frank was born and raised in New Jersey. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Communications in 1994 and he earned a JD from the Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 2001. He currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio, where he has been a criminal defense attorney for fifteen years.


Hello, Frank! I’m so happy to have you on my blog today! Let’s start this interview off with a few questions about you, shall we? If you weren’t a writer, what alternative career path do you see yourself in?

Hi, thanks for having me!This one is an easy question for me, since I have another career already. Writing is what I love, but it’s only a part-time job. The rest of the time I’m a criminal defense attorney.