Project IDEA

What’s the idea?

Project Independent Deserving Emerging Authors, more commonly referred to as Project IDEA, is a humble, service-oriented feature offered by That Bookshelf Bitch. More than just a helpful tool for online promotion, the project aims to provide underappreciated authors an opportunity to bask in the spotlight they so rightfully deserve by serving as a means to recognize and to celebrate their work. In addition to this, Project IDEA hopes to shed more light on the less glamorous, more exhausting side of being an author.

Each feature takes up one whole month. Specifically, authors will be given a variety of avenues to both showcase their books and share their experiences throughout the creative writing and publishing process. Project IDEA accommodates the following: self-published authors (independent), published authors with promising talent but have yet to be fully recognized (deserving), and debut authors (emerging).

Interested in learning more? Download the following:

βœ“ Project IDEA Primer
βœ“ Application Form

NOTE: Project IDEA is currently a work in progress. Definitely coming soon!