Celebrate my 20th birthday and blog relaunch with me! || GIVEAWAY

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, yes? Here in Philippines, it’s already the 14th of August, which means today is my 20th birthday!!! (Am I the only one who can’t believe I just typed that?)

I have always been the kind of person who likes to conduct birthday countdowns; however, this year, as I took note of the months, weeks and days left before the arrival of August 14, I found myself having a maelstrom of mixed feelings. I mean, god, I’m finally leaving that “-teen” suffix behind whenever I mention my age. I’m legitimately twenty years old now. Which is basically synonymous to delving deeper into the uncharted territorial waters of adulthood.



​That Bookshelf Bitch Relaunch {and things I’ve realized throughout my hiatus}

Hello, and yes, you did read that title correctly! This is not an awful attempt to mislead you. Nor is this some kind of nonsensical drill. This is, in fact, me letting you and everyone else know that I have returned from the proverbial blogging death (read: my hiatus). I’ve thought about this for quite a while, to be honest. By “this” I mean: how I would jump back into the blogging scene and the manner in which I would reintroduce my newly renovated writing space to all of you.

Initially, I considered enumerating all the changes I’ve made—from the brand new and noticeably more minimalist layout to the wait, since when did That Bookshelf Bitch have its own legitimate logo?—and explaining all the additional features I somehow managed to whip up. I mean, what exactly have I been tinkering with for more than a month, right? On the contrary, I eventually decided against that idea once a couple of thoughts occurred to me: one, that is probably the most generic and overused introduction known to mankind; and two, it would be a whole lot more fun to let you explore the many areas of this blog on your own! So I’ll leave that task to you. Or I may compose a separate post regarding the specific changes I’ve integrated into That Bookshelf Bitch in a few days or so.


Review || Remembering Everly (+ GIVEAWAY)

Title: Remembering Everly
Author: J.L. Berg
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
On sale: July 05, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $11.99 USD

* More about the book.
* Purchase via Amazon, The Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million or IndieBound.

Book synopsis and promotional spiel:

After a stunning cliffhanger ending in Forgetting August, USA Today bestselling author J.L. Berg delivers the happily ever after that fans have been waiting for in the sequel, Remembering Everly.

After two years in a coma, August Kincaid has forgotten the darkness in his past. But his past hasn’t forgotten him. His beautiful former fiancĂ©e, Everly, remembers every tumultuous moment of their stormy relationship. The sizzling passion. The web of lies. And the terrible secret Everly’s been hiding since her last fateful night with August.


Midyear wrap-up, plans for the next half and a somewhat goodbye

Because everyone else is doing it.

I’m partly kidding. The last time I did a wrap-up post was way back in February. After that, I started to gradually decline into a blogging slump due to college struggles and org-related work. You know how it is. With that said, since it’s halfway through the year, I thought this would be an opportune time to sum up everything I’ve missed and everything I’ve done so far. Additionally, I’ve also come to realize that a few of my plans have to be publicly announced as well.

Yep, okay. Here we go!


Re: Milestone Giveaway

As most of you know, exactly two weeks ago, I celebrated That Bookshelf Bitch‘s 6th month of blogging by conducting a huge, international milestone giveaway! The giveaway was divided into five parts, which gave me the allowance I needed in order to accommodate a total of nine winners. Which brings us to the primary purpose of this post. The nine lucky giveaway recipients will finally be announced!

Before the actual announcement, however, allow me to incoherently, mindlessly babble for a bit. I’ll try to keep this part as short as possible, so kindly bear with me.


Review || Through the Veil

Title: Through the Veil
Author: Colleen Halverson
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Fantasy
Copy: Digital

* More about the book.
* More about the author.
* Purchase via Amazon or The Book Depository.

Before anything else, I received a digital Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of this book (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Colleen Halverson and Entangled Publishing!

Colleen Halverson’s debut novel, Through the Veil was recently published last February. In this book, we are introduced to Elizabeth Tanner. Broke and drowning in student loans, all Elizabeth wants is to finish her thesis on The Book of Arranmore, an ancient manuscript that holds the secrets of the Fae world, and to succeed in earning a scholarship from the Trinity Foundation. However, it is not that simple, especially when Trinity reveals Elizabeth is actually half-Fae. All of a sudden, this college student with a penchant for Irish literature and culture finds herself at the center of a plot to save the magical races of Ireland from a brutal civil war.


Interview with C.L. Denault: Gambit (+ GIVEAWAY)

C.L. Denault is a speculative fiction writer who loves dreaming up tales of adventure and intrigue. Her debut novel, Gambit, was released on March 31, 2015 and is the first part in a Young Adult dystopian series (that will, according to Shealea, definitely kick ass).

Cary graduated from the University of Central Missouri with honors and a degree in Computer Information Systems. However, she was prompted to leave her career as a systems analyst behind in order to stay home with her children (including a son with special needs). Currently, she can typically be spotted in Illinois, usually in some obscure, shadowy corner of a hip coffeehouse, or at home.

Cary loves to connect with people (especially those from other planets, dimensions, and the future). To find her, you may refer to the social media links provided below or visit The INFJ Café. Or use a Stargate. Whichever is easiest.


Hi, Cary! I’ve heard (or rather, read) that you’re fond of reading and watching sci-fi. What are your recommendations?

Hi, Shealea! Thanks for having me on your blog!

Wow, this is tough. As an 80’s teen, I grew up with some amazing sci-fi movie franchises, so I’m sort of old school. My all-time favorite is the Terminator series, but I also have soft spots for Star Trek, Predator, and the Alien movies. It’s the same with books. I love older novels like Contact and Jurassic Park—anything by Michael Crichton, really—and the short story “Flowers for Algernon” has haunted me for years.