“I used Shealea’s beta reading service for my manuscript, The Benevolent Troll. Shealea kept me updated with great communication throughout the whole process, which was carried out with the utmost professionalism. In fact, she went above and beyond what I’d expected, providing insights and tips that have really helped to improve the manuscript. But her greatest asset, as shown in her blogs and reviews – is outright honesty. Unlike many readers, even professional reviewers, if something sucks, she’ll tell you – and explain why. And this can be the greatest help of all. It’s why I chose her services in the first place, and it’s proven to be the right catalyst to make some major alterations, slay some of my own sacred cows, and in doing so, greatly improve my writing. I can’t thank Shealea enough for her efforts, and highly recommend almost any aspiring or even established author to run their manuscript through the “Bookshelf Bitch Filter” – it’s absolutely worth it.”
Tom Merchant

Shealea seems to have an eye for it all. Her beta reading service actually bordered on a full-blown manuscript critique AND copy edit (pretty good deal if you ask me). She clearly puts tons of effort into her work, and the depth at which she analyzes your writing is impressive. I look forward to using her services again in the future. Somebody with her impartiality is hard to come by.”
Topher Allen

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