On the 17th of December 2015, That Bookshelf Bitch was first launched as a mundane blog solely dedicated to book reviews and literature-related content with the occasional original written piece. Months later, my initial objectives for blogging have completely shifted into more personal goals. As I began to perceive That Bookshelf Bitch as an online extension of both myself and my interests, my desire to have a space that would not only highlight but also nurture my love for writing (a childhood passion I started to neglect upon entering college) gradually grew and intensified. This consequently led to my decision of temporarily taking it down in an attempt to create a platform that would better reflect what I wanted to achieve.

Since its formal relaunch in August 2016, That Bookshelf Bitch has expanded in terms of content variety, quality and services. More importantly, the blog continues to serve as my personal interminable canvas.

Why That Bookshelf Bitch?

I picked out “That Bookshelf Bitch” because I wanted a blog name that would not only sound edgy but speak a myriad of volumes as well.

In society, “bitch” is typically phrased and used as a derogatory term for women as its textbook definition is “a dog of the female gender”. Even today, “bitch” remains to be our go-to insult whenever we dislike a person — a common crime that I’m also guilty of, to be honest. However, I’d like to believe that there’s an alternative meaning.

Recently, the word “bitch” has evolved from a mere noun to a colloquial verb. When someone “bitches” about a certain thing, then that usually implies that the person is talking about something in a no-holds-barred kind of way. And that really appealed to me. The idea of not holding myself back, I mean. It appealed to me because that’s what I hope to do here.

What services does That Bookshelf Bitch offer?

I mainly review books. Aside from entertaining book review requests, That Bookshelf Bitch also offers beta reading services and Project IDEA, the latter being an original, service-oriented feature that is geared towards celebrating independent, deserving and emerging authors. For more inquiries regarding these services, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Does That Bookshelf Bitch have any affiliations?

Yes. That Bookshelf Bitch is a duly approved affiliate of The Book Depository. A number of my posts, particularly book reviews, contain referral links. This means that should you buy any book that has been linked to on this blog, I will receive a humble commission.

Aside from the two previously mentioned, That Bookshelf Bitch is also an affiliate of the Nose Graze Shop and Grammarly. Should you avail their products and/or services through my blog, I will be given a small monetary percentage as well. Take note: the commissions I earn through my affiliations will not, in any way, affect you or your purchase.

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