Shealea reacts offers a quick respite from constructively written, evaluative book reviews. While I do like writing a critique that focuses on critical story elements, I also enjoy ranting and raving as much as the next person. Here, my review policy does not strictly apply. Meaning, I am allowed to prioritize expressing my feels regarding the book’s actual narrative over scrutinizing technicalities, star ratings are not given, and spoilers are pretty much a guarantee.


As of March 2017, I have decided to write film reviews on my blog(!!!), which will all fall under this feature as well. I opted against creating a separate feature for my film reviews because for one thing, I am far from being cinematically literate. The number of movies I’ve watched throughout my life is embarrassingly, shamefully limited. As such, I do not think I can offer substantial criticism regarding the technical aspects. With that said, my approach in commenting on films is noticeably different from the way I write my book reviews. Aside from focusing more on how the film made me feel instead of scrutinizing its elements individually, my film reviews do not have a star rating system and are, as much as possible, free of spoilers.

More often than not, the films I critique and discuss are independently made (or rather, “indie”) Filipino films. What inspired me to start releasing written commentaries on movies is my Film 100 class in the University of the Philippines Diliman, which has ignited my desire to not only watch more local films but to actively, continuously promote them as well. Currently, Filipino indie films are not as widely commercialized as they should be and do not receive the recognition they deserve because they are generally overshadowed by the mainstream movie industry. From this point onward, I hope to use my blog as a platform to encourage more people to support indie filmmakers and their respective productions. Mabuhay ang sineng Pilipino!


Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell


2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten (2016)
Baka Bukas (2016)
The Guerilla Is a Poet (2013)
I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017)

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