Wrapping up May 2018, a trip to Bolinao, and bouncing back from an unplanned blogging hiatus

Hello, everyone! In my last blog post, I mentioned my intention to blog a lot less for the month of May so that I could focus on the last stretch of my semester. However, I ended up not blogging altogether, which resulted to the unplanned blogging hiatus throughout May. But I’m back(!!!) with a long overdue blog post.* This is going to be a lengthy one.

* Honestly, I spent around 3 to 5 minutes internally debating on whether this post more appropriately falls under ‘Shealea Struggles’ or counts as a monthly synopsis. Ultimately, my monthly synopses pertain to blogging updates — that is, a summary of what I’ve read, what I’ve done, and what I’ve written — and since I didn’t actually blog for an entire month, there is literally nothing for me to summarize.

So what, pray tell, happened in May that took up all of my waking hours (and arguably, even a large chunk of my sleeping hours)? The answer is so simple and obvious — and one that I’ve mentioned repeatedly throughout my 2 years of blogging: college.



Personal and blogging goals for 2018!

Hello! It’s been a couple of days into 2018, but I still want to wish everyone an incredibly happy new year! As well as all the books and happiness that the world can offer!

What is it about the prospect of an entirely new year that fills us to the brim with hope? With goals of pushing ourselves into becoming something we can be proud of? With promises of doing better and doing more? With notions of putting the past behind us and starting completely anew? With an inexplicable drive to take the necessary steps towards attaining what we want for ourselves?

I’ve talked about the idea of “new beginnings” on New Year in a blog post I wrote in, what feels like, a decade ago. Despite this, to date, New Year remains to be my favorite holiday and/or time of the year.


2017 in a nutshell! {Looking back and moving forward}

I’ve been home for the holidays since the 19th and I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now, but god, I wake up every day feeling just as tired as I felt during the last stretch of my semester.

And it sucks. Is this what adulthood (i.e. reaching 21 years of age) is like? Never having enough energy to pursue what I want? Feeling tired after walking from my bed to the refrigerator? Sleeping for 10 hours and waking up absolutely restless and unmotivated? Perhaps adults should consider hibernating in December. But I digress.

With 2017 about to end, I figured it’d be a good idea to reflect on my year. Maybe it’ll give me a better grasp on how much I’ve changed and grown. Maybe writing about it will force me to acknowledge lessons I never really paid any attention to. Maybe it’ll encourage someone to reflect on their year, too — in which case, feel free to write your musings and to share your reflections in the comment box below. I’m genuinely curious.


Life and oh, Shealea joins a poetry-writing competition!

Hello, everyone! It’s been an incredibly long while since I last did an update post regarding my personal life. While I know rambling about the happenings in Shealea’s life doesn’t exactly fall under anyone’s reading interests, still, I say what the hell. It’s my blog, after all. Plus, I’m trying to procrastinate studying for my Friday exam, whoops.

Here we go.


Cheers to 2017! {Looking back, moving forward and seeking recommendations}

Let me start this post by stating the obvious: it’s 2017(!!!). Yep, it’s a new year. Which means that everyone is running around creating resolutions and setting up goals as we all feel socially obligated to be better people. It’s a “new year, new me” (as proclaimed in the most generic of NY tweets) mentality, I guess.

I once wrote about how we’ve grown accustomed to thinking highly of beginnings and endings. I particularly cited the new year as an example. And yet, despite knowing that the new year is an arbitrary concept imposed by people, which is a consequence of an equally arbitrary, man-made measurement of time, I still find myself delighting in the prospect of being given an opportunity to grow into a better version of myself.

But I digress.


Christmas 2016

It’s December 25th here in the Philippines (the day is almost over, actually), so let me extend the warmest greetings to all of you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! ☃❄️

I’m far too sleepy to type up a really lengthy post, but I do hope everyone’s doing well and having a wonderful time with loved ones! Whether you decide to celebrate extravagantly or not, I hope your day is as great as it can be!

I’m off to enjoy the festivities myself. For the meantime, here are some halfheartedly edited, ridiculously wacky Christmas selfies that I’ve been sending to most of my friends throughout the day! What can I say? It’s more efficient than repeatedly typing “Merry Christmas!” Plus, it saves time in the long run!

Without further ado, Merry Christmas(!!!) from my silly selfies to the screens of your devices! 🎄✨🎁