Life and oh, Shealea joins a poetry-writing competition!

Hello, everyone! It’s been an incredibly long while since I last did an update post regarding my personal life. While I know rambling about the happenings in Shealea’s life doesn’t exactly fall under anyone’s reading interests, still, I say what the hell. It’s my blog, after all. Plus, I’m trying to procrastinate studying for my Friday exam, whoops.

Here we go.



Getting organized: how Shealea plans to survive this semester

Two weeks into the second semester of my fourth year, and things have already gotten rather hectic for me. But let’s elaborate on that later, shall we?

Quick recap of last semester:

Prior to the start of last semester, my mind already guessed that right then and there – what with it being my fourth year in college and all – time management would become increasingly more difficult for me. A two-month respite in June 2016 allowed me to reevaluate my priorities, redefine both my intermediate and long-term goals, and pinpoint internal struggles that required immediate attention and action on my part. I came to realize that the success I wanted for myself primarily lay in how I managed my time. From there, I decided to make changes in how I operated and to adopt new habits.


Cheers to 2017! {Looking back, moving forward and seeking recommendations}

Let me start this post by stating the obvious: it’s 2017(!!!). Yep, it’s a new year. Which means that everyone is running around creating resolutions and setting up goals as we all feel socially obligated to be better people. It’s a “new year, new me” (as proclaimed in the most generic of NY tweets) mentality, I guess.

I once wrote about how we’ve grown accustomed to thinking highly of beginnings and endings. I particularly cited the new year as an example. And yet, despite knowing that the new year is an arbitrary concept imposed by people, which is a consequence of an equally arbitrary, man-made measurement of time, I still find myself delighting in the prospect of being given an opportunity to grow into a better version of myself.

But I digress.


Christmas 2016

It’s December 25th here in the Philippines (the day is almost over, actually), so let me extend the warmest greetings to all of you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! ☃❄️

I’m far too sleepy to type up a really lengthy post, but I do hope everyone’s doing well and having a wonderful time with loved ones! Whether you decide to celebrate extravagantly or not, I hope your day is as great as it can be!

I’m off to enjoy the festivities myself. For the meantime, here are some halfheartedly edited, ridiculously wacky Christmas selfies that I’ve been sending to most of my friends throughout the day! What can I say? It’s more efficient than repeatedly typing “Merry Christmas!” Plus, it saves time in the long run!

Without further ado, Merry Christmas(!!!) from my silly selfies to the screens of your devices! 🎄✨🎁

Bouncing back from an unplanned blogging hiatus {and minor emotional turmoil}

How do I even begin this post? It has been pretty crazy lately. Last August, I conducted a major rebranding and relaunch for my blog. A few weeks later, the influx of my blog posts started to become discontinuous, sporadic and rare. I wish I could pin all the blame on college and the constant accumulation of work and requirements, but then I’d be lying both to you and to myself.

Which brings me to what could possibly be your question: What exactly happened here? What’s with the abrupt hiatus?

First of all, academic workload aside, my extracurricular activities have kept me pretty busy as well. I am a member of two student organizations (a department-based academic organization, and a service organization); however, this semester, I tried applying for other organizations that interested me. In addition to these extracurricular, non-academic activities, I have been pushing myself to experiment with numerous, different things as a way for me to discover more about myself.


Shealea gets her first physical review copy!

The post title speaks for itself, really. I’ve already talked about this both on Twitter and in my recent giveaway post. However, I have so much excitement left over that I can still force it to spill out into another blog post! Can you really blame me though? I’ve only dreamed of getting my hands on an actual physical review copy in passing. And it’s happened(!!!).

All right. Let’s talk about details, yes?