Wrapping up March 2018 {a month of midterms & deadlines!}

Hello there! We are halfway through Holy Week — which also means that I am halfway through with my mini-vacation. But then again, it isn’t much of a vacation since all I’ve been doing is working (be it for my college requirements or for beta reading). Still, a week back in my hometown, homecooked meals, hot showers, and my wonderful bed? I call that a win.

In my monthly synopsis for February 2018, I mentioned that I’d make March a month for Marvel films, but like all revolutionary plans, the universe decided to take a giant dump on my hopes and dreams. Although I immediately recognized that March was going to be a busy month for me, I was still embarrassingly unprepared for the onslaught of deadlines. In other words, I was unable to succeed in my Marvel movie marathon. But I did get the chance to watch a Filipino film!

In celebration of Women’s March, UP Diliman’s Cine Adarna held a month-long screening of various feminist films and films centered on women. I was able to watch Lorna, a 2014 Cinema One Originals film. It’s a midlife comedy-drama about a 60-year-old woman rebounds from one love interest to another. Needless to say, I totally loved it! If the official movie trailer isn’t enough to pique your interest, I don’t know what will.



Wrapping up February 2018 {and making March a month of Marvel films!}

Hello! Let me briefly chatter about my personal life, yes? My monthly synopsis for January 2018 ended with anticipation towards the blog tours I’ve been organizing (one down, one more to go!) and plans on squeezing in more blogging time in February. The latter did not quite pan out well because I failed to foresee just how busy February would be for me. What with the increase in academic workload and my grandmother coming to visit from Texas (her most recent visit aside, it’s been nearly a decade since she last came home to the Philippines!).

If I’m being honest, I’ve been struggling with finding (and sustaining) motivation with college again – a nightmare of a feeling that I had hoped to never reencounter after my years in Chemical Engineering. But I guess sometimes, even when you really love what you’re doing, it’s still unavoidable. And I do, by the way. Really love what I’m doing, that is. Communication Research has filled me with a sense of renewed purpose and a more active drive to improve myself; however, the thing about Communication Research is that my three researches are done in groups, and quite frankly, I really dislike some of the people I’m working with. I don’t want to turn this blog post into a rant, but to cut the long story short, these people deliberately refuse to carry their weight in the workload, which prompts me to work harder in order to compensate and eventually results in more frequent burnouts on my part. Or put more simply: it just sucks.


Wrapping up January 2018 {and what to expect this coming month}

Hello there! First wrap-up post of 2018 — so there’s this little self-created pressure in the back of my skull screaming at me to ensure that this post is decently written. Let’s see how that’ll work out because really, I’m just typing sentences as they come to my mind.

My January has been a pretty eventful one. Or at least, eventful enough that I’m far too lazy to actually narrate what went on with my life. But despite this, a part of me still clings on to this mindset that I could have done more, or perhaps, better. Come to think of it, I think it’s really just inherently human to crave for a bit more of everything, including one’s sense of productivity and accomplishment. But I’m babbling.


That Bookshelf Bitch turns two??? Um. [+ an anniversary giveaway!]

The title sort of gives the content of this post away, doesn’t it? But I’ll state the obvious anyway: I’ve been blogging for two — yes, fam, two — whole years!

Well, if we’re going to be really technical about it, my blogging anniversary really falls on the 17th of December. However, despite my first semester officially ending on the 15th, I still didn’t have the time nor the energy to get back to blogging right away. My first semester as a BA Communication Research major had been (I’m using ‘had’ because it’s over) a lot tougher than I anticipated. I think I may have mentioned this in an earlier post. But hey, again, my semester is over and right now, I’m just waiting for my grades to be released (spoiler: so far so good!).


{a cup of coffee for Christmas 2017}

Good day, readers!

As a lot of you know — or perhaps you might be new followers/readers of the blog (in which case, hold on, things are about to get clearer soon), my blog was established nearly two years ago. On the 17th of December 2015, to be exact. With my 2nd blog anniversary drawing nearer and nearer each day, I’d really like to conduct a major giveaway that all of you can participate in!

Unfortunately, due to recent and unforeseen events, I don’t have the finances to hold a giveaway. With that said, I am looking for willing sponsors for my anniversary + Christmas giveaway! There are two ways to sponsor:

(1) Buy me a cup of coffee via ko-fi! A cup of coffee is worth around $3.

(2) Sponsor a book or bookish goodies to give away! Just send an email and let me know what you’re willing to contribute. For authors who want to give copies of their own books away, I’m sure we can also find additional avenues to promote those books aside from the giveaway. Again, just send me an email at shealeairal@gmail.com

So yeah, I’m hoping there’s enough Yuletide spirit for any of you to be willing to help me out!

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Technically NOT a monthly synopsis. Quick and messy life update! (+ a giveaway!)

Hey all! With the sudden 10-day vacation courtesy of the ASEAN Summit being held here in the Philippines (note: this supposed vacation is a complete scam — but more on that later), together with the equally sudden realization that I haven’t really updated you guys on what’s going on with me outside of my blog, I decided to write up a quick post before continuing to battle against the mountain of academic requirements (I’d like to say that I’m currently winning, but that’s really just my wishful thinking).

In an attempt to put a little orderliness in this post, I’m going to break things down into three sections: PAST, CURRENTLY, and FUTURE. I know, I know. I’m not very creative. But bear with me!

Here we go.


Wrapping up May 2017 (and a half-hearted promise that I’ll be blogging more frequently)

As I mentioned in my monthly synopsis for April 2017, blogging inactivity is to be expected because of college finals, among other academic requirements for the semester. I’d elaborate on the kind of month-long hell I had to go through, but at this point, I just want to put all of that behind me so let’s not even go there. What matters is that I survived, and I’m still here, writing to all of you.

But I digress. Here’s another really pitiful monthly synopsis of my blogging!