Poetic Attempt || Twenty-one (First of Her Name, Breaker of Norms)

There exists no greater art than wreckage you leave behind;
You create constellations at will, you set fire to skies.
(Rejoice, love! For you are woman redefined.)

Men seek to excavate treasure between your thighs yet
Your legs spread, giving birth to them. Oh, can’t they realize?
There exists no greater art than wreckage you leave behind.


Wrapping up March 2017 (and re: Shealea joined a poetry-writing competition)

Hello there! It’s nearly two weeks into the month of April, and I’ve only had the time to wrap up last month now (what with this week being Holy Week and all). Things have been incredibly exhausting and insanely hectic lately, and as such, I’ve been left with little to no room to write for the sake of writing (as opposed to writing for the completion of academic requirements).

I think it’s pretty obvious that I failed to anticipate the sudden increase in deadlines and college work, which would explain the gradual decline of my online presence and activity here in my blog. It’s sad, really, because I was very motivated to publish a lot of fresh content and to write unapologetically. But life doesn’t make adjustments for anyone. I’m the one who’s tasked with the obligation to learn how to adapt.

I’m incoherently babbling, sorry. Let’s proceed with the wrapping up part of this post!


Life Upside Down – a guest post by Cary Denault

“Your baby has Down syndrome.”

Those five words changed my life. I was in the hospital, deliriously happy after giving birth to my firstborn son, when a pediatrician came in to break the news. I’d never met him—he happened to be on call at the nearby pediatric center—and I’ll never forget the look on his face as he sat down. He said that my son had a genetic disorder. That there was no cure. That he was deeply sorry and would do all he could to help me get through the next few days.

He was as kind and compassionate as a doctor can be when turning your whole life upside down.


Top twelve #romanceclass titles I have my eye on

In my previous post, I talked about the #romanceclass books I currently have in my possession. This time, I want to highlight twelve titles that I desperately want to have right now! Yes, the use of italics was necessary to emphasize my point.

For the most part, I’ve had my eye on these books because I’ve heard an abundant amount of great and positively glowing feedback about them. Call me curious, yeah?

Maybe some of these books will pique your interest as well, so I’ll stop babbling and proceed with the main point of this post.

Here are my top twelve titles (in no particular order)!


Feature: #romanceclass titles I currently own!

Hey there, everyone! The other day, I mentioned how one of my more recent goals for my blog is to use it as a platform to discuss and actively promote Filipino indie films (check out this updated page!). In line with this, I figured that I should also be promoting Filipino authors, especially since this is still primarily a book blog.

With all that said, here’s a quick post highlighting some #romanceclass books from Filipino authors! Specifically, these are titles that I currently have on hand. Be warned, though; my collection is extremely small and is still a work in progress. I am definitely looking forward to adding more to my bookshelf, but for now, here they are!


Wrapping up February 2017

Hello! Unfortunately, I was unable to do a wrap-up before February ended because lately, my weeks have been crammed with tons of events, college requirements and org responsibilities. I’d go into detail, but I know doing so will only bore you. Yep. But I’m here now, and I’m excited to go through a quick recap of my blog posts for the second month of 2017!

For the month of February, I read a total of seven books – including both novels and poetry collections. This is a remarkable increase compared to the two books I read back in January. I’m pretty happy about that. In terms of quality, however, I was largely disappointed and/or underwhelmed by most of these books. I’ll explain this further once I finish my reviews!


1,500 followers and 25,000 visits!!! [And a giveaway]

Hello there, everyone! I don’t know what to say, truth be told. The post title pretty much sums everything up. Having said that, I think it would be best to keep this short, simple and straightforward.

A couple of weeks ago, That Bookshelf Bitch hit 25,000 site visits — an incredibly large numerical figure I once thought to be impossible to reach. Additionally, within the same week, my blog surpassed the 1,500-followers mark — another tremendous feat that I didn’t think would ever happen to me. Can I just say, it is absolutely heartwarming to know that there is a large audience of people interested in what I write and in what I post! To reach two huge milestones in seven days is incredibly surreal and wonderfully overwhelming! None of this would have happened without all of you!

To celebrate these little achievements, I’m conducting a couple of international giveaways! Many thanks to the authors for making this possible!