Shealea \ˈShe-lā-yä\

1. a self-confessed part-time book pusher from the Philippines
2. a person (of the female gender) who avoids referring to herself in first person when writing biographies as such an action makes her feel awfully uncomfortable

3. having a tendency to ramble, characterized by haphazard thought trains and excessive digressions: the antithesis of eloquent

verb (intransitive; used without an object)
4. to constantly feel a strong compulsion to write down trivial thoughts at the ungodly hours of the morning

5. an exclamation of unadulterated pleasure whenever a restaurant or any food establishment offers unlimited rice servings

Synonyms: N/A
Related words or phrases: UP Diliman student (or alternatively, Iskolar ng Bayan), frustrated writer, beta reader, Pokémon master in the making

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[1] – main account (for personal use)
[2] – secondary account (for books and blogging purposes)


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