#TheVotingGamePH: blog tour launch & giveaway!

Hello, everyone! That Bookshelf Bitch is back at it again with another blog tour. This time, we’ll be featuring the latest science fiction novel from the incredible and talented Peter Gulgowski.

The Voting Game was recently released just last month (within the first week of March, if I’m not mistaken), and it is my first read from Peter Gulgowski — which is a true shame on my part because he can effortlessly create a fascinating world and very compelling characters. I really liked Darrius, the main character of The Voting Game, in particular. He was very interesting to read about. But more importantly, Darrius is an unapologetically gay protagonist in a dystopian setting! I rarely see characters like Darrius in the science fiction genre — and that alone was enough to pique my interest.

And I am very much pleased to announce that The Voting Game did not disappoint at all! But don’t just take my word for it. I have teamed up with a number of amazing and insightful bloggers who will take turns in introducing The Voting Game and all its awesomeness to you. You can easily find the blog tour schedule in the latter portion of this post — use it as a guide so that you can keep up with us as the tour progresses!

Quite frankly, I should probably keep my lips sealed, and let these bloggers do all the gushing for me. But of course, more information about the book is available in this post as well (just keep scrolling!).

By the way, before I forget, you can easily add The Voting Game to your Goodreads shelf by clicking here, as well as purchase a copy via Amazon. Or you can also try your luck by entering the blog tour giveaway! For this particular giveaway, a total of six (6) winners will be drawn — one (1) U.S. resident will receive a paperback copy of The Voting Game, and five (5) more lucky winners will receive a digital copy of the book (open internationally). Sounds great, yes?


09 April (Monday)

10 April (Tuesday)

11 April (Wednesday)

12 April (Thursday)

  • Review from The Little Miss Bookworm
  • Review from Wanders Between Pages
  • Review from Rambling of a Book Nerd

13 April (Friday)

14 April (Saturday)



In the year 2084, every interaction counts.

Society is run via a clicker-based system in which citizens rate every interaction they have with a score between one and five. However, anyone who falls below a 2.5 average is taken and killed by a government agency called ‘The Bureau.’

Darrius Young’s sixteenth birthday arrives with a harsh reality. When he enters the Voting Game, every day he lives may be his last…

But when the scores of people around Darrius begin to lower suddenly and out of nowhere, Darrius finds reason to believe that there may be a target on him and those he loves from the Bureau itself. Now, he must find the truth of why he’s being targeted.

In a race against time to save himself from a society that’s already sentenced him to death, can Darrius save himself and those around him before it is too late?


Peter Gulgowski was born and raised in a suburb in Wisconsin. He began writing at the age of fourteen during a study hall session in which he had already finished his homework. Several years later, his debut novel, The Government, would become published. Mr. Gulgowski remains a student, with hopes of becoming a full-time writer.

Inspired by authors such as J.K. Rowling, John Green, Veronica Roth, and so many others, Gulgowski hopes one day to join their ranks in inspiring the next generation of storytellers.

His latest novel, The Voting Game became the #1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult LGBT Issues Fiction and is his fourth bestselling book. Currently, he is working on several new novels to be released later in 2018.

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21 thoughts on “#TheVotingGamePH: blog tour launch & giveaway!”

  1. this was such a good read, i’m glad i participated in this tour and also i can’t believe i haven’t read any of his books before! at the same time tho, i’m glad this was my first 🙂


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