Poetic Attempt || Twenty

In a way, you reminded me of sand
maybe it’s because the texture of your
fingertips, as they traced the dots scattered
across my cheekbones is rough from all your
calluses, but I didn’t really mind the
light scratches because just as how the sand
on shorelines tickles my toes, the feel of
your skin against my own was comforting

In a way, you were like sand
always slipping through the cracks of my hand
without fail, no matter how tightly I clenched my fingers
no matter how badly I fought to hold on
you slipped through the crevices
falling, or better yet
towards the bottom of
the hourglass, as if it was a bed of roses
and you had lost months of sleep, never realizing
that the only thing we were losing is us; our time together
growing shorter and shorter until finally, you were already gone

The sand that
had been spilled remained
as messy as the splatters made by the heart
you chose to tear apart
and no matter how many times I tried to sweep
the dust of your memories away
no amount of cleaning
could completely erase your presence
I touched

(Written on 07 March 2017)

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