Feature: #romanceclass titles I currently own!

Hey there, everyone! The other day, I mentioned how one of my more recent goals for my blog is to use it as a platform to discuss and actively promote Filipino indie films (check out this updated page!). In line with this, I figured that I should also be promoting Filipino authors, especially since this is still primarily a book blog.

With all that said, here’s a quick post highlighting some #romanceclass books from Filipino authors! Specifically, these are titles that I currently have on hand. Be warned, though; my collection is extremely small and is still a work in progress. I am definitely looking forward to adding more to my bookshelf, but for now, here they are!

Book synopsis:

As a community development worker, Faith was quite familiar with heartbreak and recovery after all the time she spent on disaster relief missions. So when her five-year relationship ends right before she left for a mission trip to a typhoon-stricken town in Iloilo, she tries not to make a big deal out of it. How can she be broken up about a breakup when she’s with people who literally lost everything?

But now that she’s back, all Faith wants is for her life to go back to normal and have people stop looking at her with pity. Never mind that she still has a lot of questions about the breakup, or that she feels a tiny ache every time her ex comes up in conversations. She’s okay now, and happily distracted by Nico Tamayo, the attractive new guy at work.

With new possibilities in the horizon, Faith thinks she is well on her way to moving on. But when her past comes calling back to her, will all the good things in her present be enough to keep her on the path? Or will she finally learn that there was more to heartbreak and recovery than what she knows?

Irrelevant babble:

As you should all know by now (because I just won’t shut up about it), Ana Tejano’s Keep the Faith is the first ever #romanceclass title I’ve read. Honestly, the book has set up quite the high bar for my succeeding reads, be it an international title or another #romanceclass novel. Seriously, I am incapable of looking at french fries without feeling kilig (or “twitterpated” for all of you folks who don’t understand Filipino — wink, wink).

Unfortunately, I only have a digital copy of this book (courtesy of my participation in a promotional blog tour), but I’m hoping to get my hands on a physical copy for myself soon! If you’re still not convinced that you should definitely give Keep the Faith a try, then maybe you should read my book review where I gave it four and a half stars! Still not convinced? Check out my author interview with the wonderful and talented Ana Tejano herself!

Book synopsis:

Every month for the past year, like clockwork, Meile Simon has gotten orders at her shop for the same type of bouquet, from the same guy, delivered to twelve different girls. By the third month, she starts to take note.

Warren Leigh likes women. He does. He knows there are too many beautiful women out there just waiting to be plucked by the right guy. But he firmly believes that personal relationships with them must have an expiration date.

When the girl who likes to watch flowers bloom encounters the guy who’s only in it while the fragrance lasts, curiosity gets the best of both of them.

In the midst of intermittent weather, will their connection blossom or wilt?

Irrelevant babble:

What a spectacularly gorgeous cover, right? I thought so too. Which is why I bought a physical copy of the book on impulse when I attended my first bookish (and first #romanceclass-related) event. If you’re interested in knowing more about the event (because I’m too lazy to make kwento — or rather, I’m too lazy to tell the story myself), JM from Book Freak Revelations wrote a pretty great recap post on said event.

But anyway. I’ve already read The Bye-Bye Bouquet, and to my utter dismay, I did not like the story as much as I loved Keep the Faith. Maybe it’s because I set my expectations way too high? I’m not entirely sure, but I will try to gather my thoughts to better express my opinion through a book review, which will hopefully be posted soon (me low-key emphasizing once again that I am a perpetually lazy bum).

Book synopsis:

Welcome to Barrio Malaya, a rustic town where Life and Death meet. It is one of the stops of a high-speed train system, which the dying board to go to their next destination.

In her dreams, sixteen-year-old Olivia “Liv” Roxas has unlimited access to Barrio Malaya. She first visited the place as a child with her father when they met an accident. They explored the town and rode the train together, but at some point, they got separated. She woke up to a reality without her father, and with an emotionally distant alcoholic mother who sheltered her from the outside world.

Nineteen-year-old Gabriel “Gab” Sahagun first came to Barrio Malaya when he was twelve years old. Victims of a freak accident, he and his parents already had their tickets to ride the train, but at the last minute, a faceless stranger pulled him back. He woke up in the real world, discovering he was an orphan with a new unusual talent—the ability to transfer Death using his body as a medium.

Liv and Gab meet and fall in love in Barrio Malaya, even though they have never met in real life. But that is about to change, because Gab has acquired a terminal condition that he can’t transfer. As he lies dying in the real world, it is up to Liv to find him, find a person to transfer the condition to, and get that person to Gab before he dies.

Did we mention that Liv has never set out from her house alone in all her life?

Irrelevant babble:

In My Dreams is another #romanceclass title that I was able to get in the same bookish event. This time, I received it as my book blind date for the day. I haven’t read it yet, to be honest! I haven’t had the time to. Although, on Goodreads, there aren’t enough reviews for me to gauge and weigh in my expectations. I guess I’ll be going into this one completely blind — which is a pretty exhilarating thought.

Book synopsis:

When they have nothing better to do, college students Billie Santiago and Carlos Angeles enjoy imagining what their lives will be like five years into the future. It’s never serious—just a whole lot of teasing and poking fun at each other. Until blindingly handsome, PR professional Iñigo Antonio saunters into the university bookstore where Billie works. All of a sudden, she finds herself face to face with the physical manifestation of the very dream she tells Carlos about.

Captivated by Iñigo’s magnetic personality, Billie is lured into his dazzlingly glamorous world—much to Carlos’s frustration. But as Billie notices Iñigo might not be playing by the rules, Carlos begs her to stay away from him. When Billie doesn’t listen, she realizes too late that she is in over her head and it may take a miracle (or a boy who cares deeply about her) to help get her out of it.

Irrelevant babble:

I recently received a digital ARC of All That Glitters from the author herself! Yay(!!!). I am actually very, very, very excited to start reading this one.

Aside from these books, I also recently signed up for a blog tour all about Mina V. Esguerra’s Better At Weddings Than You. Honestly, I know nothing about the novel, but Mina is a Filipina author who has been under my reading radar for the longest time. I’m extremely thrilled to have an opportunity to finally read one of her books!

Clearly, my collection of #romanceclass titles is incredibly and embarrassingly pitiful. I definitely have to step up my game in promoting the works of local authors. But hey, any start is a good start, right?

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7 thoughts on “Feature: #romanceclass titles I currently own!”

  1. Keep the Faith is my first romance class novel to read!! And i.love.it. I actually found your blog because I was looking for posts about romance class novels because I wanna read more. I’ve also read Dawn Lanuza’s poetry book which was good too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You should definitely go for Dawn Lanuza or Carla de Guzman next. 😉 I can root for Carla mostly since I just love her books too much, especially the newer one because they were A++. Don’t worry, our collections still have time to grow.

    And btw, are you going to the April event? Maybe we could finally meet in person? *crosses fingers*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I heard Dawn writes poetry too, right? Have you read her book?

      And oh! I don’t know the details of that event, tbh. I haven’t been catching up on the PH bookish happenings. Where will the event take place?


  3. Carla de Guzman is a #romanceclass author, right? I’ve been talking about If the Dress Fits pretty much everywhere. If you get the chance to read any of her stuff, you should check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, she is! I’ve never read any of her books as of now, but I’m familiar with If the Dress Fits. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it! I think I’ll definitely get myself a copy. Thank you! 😊

      You can check out my latest post for more #romanceclass titles, by the way. 💕


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