2016 in a nutshell – a productivity report via Todoist

Before anything else, what is Todoist?

Todoist — the complete name of the product being “Todoist: Todo List for Organizing Work and Errands” — is a neat app that aims to boost an individual’s productivity through the systematic organization and management of tasks. It’s basically a structured and uncomplicated to-do list for your device (be it a mobile phone or a tablet). Todoist also works online and can be easily integrated into your browser as an extension.

Personally, Todoist is one of my most frequently used mobile apps and is a total favorite of mine. I only installed the app and started using it last September 2016, but I immediately fell in love with its design, interface, and utility. If you’re hoping to increase your productivity or if you’re as forgetful as I am, Todoist is definitely a tool I highly recommend.


I recently found an email from the app developers, which mentioned a personal productivity report. Out of curiosity, I opened the link and was fascinated (and significantly entertained) by what I saw. I adored everything about it (the layout, images, how the statistics were presented), and I found the entire concept pretty cute. Which is why I decided to share it on my blog!

Here we go.

In three.



And there you have it! My 2016 in terms of productivity. I’d like to reiterate that I began to use the app in September, meaning the report only covers approximately a third of my entire year (read: 4 months). Having said that, I’m certainly expecting myself to be able to do so much more this 2017!

What about you? In your perspective, how productive was your 2016? Do you use other apps to organize your tasks and errands? Are you thinking of giving Todoist a try as well? I’d love to know!

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