Best Looking Blog??? [Re: 2016 Blogger Awards]

Hey, everyone! I just had to write up a separate post about the 2016 Blogger Awards!

Quick tidbits of info: The Blogger Awards started, if I’m not mistaken, in 2015 and was initially hosted by a girl who went by the alias ‘Ambi’. For 2016, the blogging event was organized by Elm! To learn more about the awards, you can simply read this post.

To cut the long story short, That Bookshelf Bitch was deemed as the Best Looking Blog along with Elly’s blog, A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts (Congratulations, girl!!! Your header is adorable.). And hey, hey, hey, that happens to be my blog! Can’t believe it? Same here! I received a tiny notification legitimately just minutes away from New Year. To say I was surprised is a total understatement. What an incredible way to end my 2016!

As you all know, my blog didn’t always look this way. Its initial layout was not as clean and certainly not as organized as it currently is. At one point, I took my blog down for a month in order to revamp both the design and the content. That Bookshelf Bitch, along with its changes, was formally relaunched a day before my 20th birthday. Since then, it’s been the neat little personal canvas it is now! Revamping my blog ended up being a whole lot more laborious and time-consuming than I anticipated. Having said that, to be commended for my efforts in redesigning is really overwhelming!

Thank you very much to those who nominated me for this award! That’s very sweet of you. I’m flattered you thought of me, and I really, really appreciate it. Most of all, thank you to Elm for hosting this event, to begin with! I want to personally congratulate her for doing such a terrific job.

Anyway. Let me end this post by congratulating the rest of the winners for the 2016 Blogger Awards:

For Blogger of the Year and Most Approachable Blogger: Elm @ Just Call me Elm or Something

For Blogs of the Year: Danny @ Dream Big Dream Often, Chloe Lauren @ Diary of a Lonely Girl, Reine @ Sincerely Reine

For Kindest Bloggers: Allie @ the wondrous life of allie m, Luna @ my irrelevant thoughts

For Best New Bloggers: Zoey @ Encreating Culture, Leo @ HADESVIBES

For Most Positive Blog/Blogger: Erika Kind

For Most Relatable Blogs: Ritu @ But I Smile Anyway, Skye @ Azura Skies

For Most Creative Blogger: Anthony @ aVeryAwkwardBlog

For Funniest Blogger: L @ Consider Yourself Warned

Congratulations to everyone! Happy New Year!

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