Review || Marry Your Billionaire

Title: Marry Your Billionaire
Author: C.J. Anaya
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Copy: Digital

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I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Many, many thanks to C.J. Anaya!

Madelyn “My friends call me ‘Midge’” Knightly is the daughter of a renowned, cutthroat Hollywood producer; however, six years ago, she chose to walk away from the glamour and shiny promises of that lifestyle in order to pursue her dream of becoming an author.

Brody Prescott, CEO of a successful online dating company, finds both his reputation and the future of his company on the line due to a sudden (false) scandal that puts his professionalism and moral ethics in question. The implications of this scandal, together with his reputation as a heartless playboy, compel him to sign up as the first participating bachelor in a reality TV show called “Marry Your Billionaire”. Funnily enough, this TV production (which strikingly resembles the hit dating series “The Bachelor”) is a project that belongs to Midge Knightly’s father.

Due to unfortunate circumstances (and a significant amount of blackmailing from her father), Midge is forced to act as a stand-in participant for “Marry Your Billionaire”. The only way for her to regain her freedom is to get eliminated in the show—which is something Brody has no intention of doing.

Personally, I am a reader that constantly craves for substance. I want thought-provoking, complex, intricate and revolutionary. I prefer heavier reading material. This is likely why I haven’t gotten sick of gobbling up dystopian novels. But I’m going off-tangent. As a reader actively seeking deeper substance, the synopsis of Marry Your Billionaire should not have fallen under my radar at all. After all, the novel’s premise is quite straightforward and makes use of a relatively superficial setting. Make no mistake; Marry Your Billionaire is a lighthearted read worth looking into. Here are 10 reasons why I loved this story (and why you hopefully will, too).

First and foremost, Midge slays (Reason #1). I found it refreshing how her character was both reserved and sharp-tongued. Midge possessed an admirable balance of wit, strength and grace. Despite the way she shied away from the Hollywood spotlight, she was never one to be afraid of saying things the way she saw them. In fact, I think Midge was successful in describing her character best.

Midge thought carefully before responding. “I think I’m a little too blunt for the men I’ve been introduced to. I’ve been told I’m an acquired taste.”

Additionally, I liked how she had a fair share of insecurities as well because these things allowed her to have beautifully vulnerable moments in the book. Her strained relationship with her Hollywood producer father certainly added a layer of depth to her overall character.

Brody’s character is Reason #2 of why I loved Marry Your Billionaire. He was exceedingly charming, patient and determined. Truth be told, I found Midge’s continuous denial rather annoying, but Brody handled everything well. I was concerned that maybe, at one point, his character would start to resemble that of a male Mary Sue; however, that thankfully never happened. His playful arrogance sat perfectly well with me, too. Basically, I guess the only flaw Brody had is that he only exists in fiction.

I completely adored almost all of the supporting characters as well – from Corbin Knightly’s crazed personality and obsession with ratings to Midge’s delightfully quirky roommate, Lisa Rassmusen. My favorite supporting character would have to be Blanche Prescott, Brody’s sophisticated and hilarious mother – otherwise known as Reason #3.

The witty banter between Midge and Brody is definitely one of the hugest highlights of the entire story. Right from the bat, the two did not quite see eye-to-eye. With Midge’s firecracker personality and Brody’s fascination with the former’s fiery disposition, the verbal exchanges between them effectively introduced and developed a noticeable, palpable romantic tension. Their back-and-forth conversations were equal parts entertaining and spectacularly adorable.

Exhibit A:

“I’m not going to allow you to leave without first learning your full name.”

Midge hoped her fairy godmother would remain quiet on that score, but she didn’t like the knowing grin Brody wore. Did he already know who she was?

“And I’m not going to keep my date waiting just so you can learn something you’ll never have need of.”

Exhibit B:

Brody’s eyes sparkled in amusement, interest, and an angry possessive fire whose origins left Midge completely baffled.

“I’m afraid I don’t excuse you. I must admit to being intrigued by the notion that any man on this planet might possibly meet up to your stringent expectations when it comes to character and personality.”

“Stringent?” Midge placed her free hand on her hip and began tapping her foot. Its soft thudding wasn’t quite as satisfactory as it would have been on a hardwood floor. “I merely gave you some suggestions, a few guidelines if you will, since you’re so woefully inept at chasing after anything that hasn’t been filled with silicone.”

Quite frankly, the language used in most of the dialogue was far too refined and intricately polished to be used realistically in casual conversations. Sometimes, the dialogue hinted at a touch of pretentiousness and forced eloquence. This observation was not limited to Midge and Brody but was actually applicable to general conversations within the story. Nevertheless, I still swooned and chuckled whenever the two main characters bickered (Reason #4).

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the chemistry between Midge and Brody was a force to be reckoned with, and this consequently led to both a wonderful romantic development and Reason #5. The smooth transition from their mutual attraction to an actual romantic relationship was well-paced and well-played. It was sweet and engaging—sometimes bordering on the best kind of fluffy possible.

He surprised her by grabbing her shoulders and roughly pulling her against his chest.

“I don’t know what I’m going to have to do to get you to believe that I’m here for you and no one else, but I’ll say it over and over again until it sinks in.”

His hands slid down her arms and then moved to the small of her back, holding her to him with no room for escape, and escape is most definitely what she wanted and needed.

His hungry gaze held hers as he continued. “I am here for you, Madelyn. I don’t want anyone but you, and I may not be allowed to kiss you in camera just yet, but I’ll be damned if you’re going to prevent me from kissing you when those stupid things aren’t rolling.”

All right, here are more reasons to adore this book:

Reason #6. Unique, sassy and remarkably intellectual sense of humor. Plus, very hilarious scenes you can reread and still laugh about.

Reason #7. While the ending is pretty much a guaranteed ‘happily ever after’ sort of shebang, the plot is not completely predictable.

Reasons #8 and #9. There’s a tinge of mystery and an entertaining amount of drama all throughout the story.

Reason #10. Wonderful ending.

Highly, highly recommended contemporary romance novel.

Excerpt from the book:

“I think a good love story is always like that, though. Two people who care for one another must face obstacles and challenges to come together and remain inseparable. Sometimes the challenge lies in getting them to fall in love with one another or even admitting to that love in the first place.”

“Yes, I’m familiar with that particular challenge.” Brody raised his eyebrows suggestively and gave her a wink.

“I doubt any woman has ever found it difficult to fall in love with you, Brody.”

“That sounds particularly ironic coming from the woman who turned tail and ran after I gave her the kind of kiss meant to make her feel like she was the only woman for me.”

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