Poetic Attempt || Four

Sometimes I hate metaphors
the kind of hate that
stirs solemnly
from the embers of coal;
the kind of hate that
explodes (all at once) from within
like an instantaneous collision of stars;
the kind of hate that
burns steadily, with assurance
like the rays of the sun;
the kind of hate that
lays waste and lingers
much like pillars of smoke after a forest fire

Sometimes I hate metaphors
because of you
because of everyone else
because of myself
because we are all guilty
because they make me a hypocrite
because they remind me of how human I am,
of how human it is
to draw comparisons
between this and that
when this wants to be this
and that wants to be that

Sometimes I hate metaphors
sometimes I hate metaphors more than anything
because underneath
the glittery eloquence
the flows and twists
the playful roll of tongues
the pretty little words
underneath them all
these metaphors speak of—
greater than
less than
as much as
as little as
— and almost instinctively
I start to recall
all the times
you compared me
to someone else

(Written on July 06, 2016)

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19 thoughts on “Poetic Attempt || Four”

  1. So I’ve been reading the shit you’re posting and damn it’s fucking on point! You have a knack for this stuff! Keep it up! If you ever want to do a collab piece hit me up!

    Just another echo in the chasm of the internet
    -Tye Files

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  2. What an interesting perspective on metaphores!
    I don’t read much poetry so I don’t know what kind of feedback would be helpful. But i want to say I really enjoyed it ❤! The last lines were beautiful. Best of luck on your writing journey 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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