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As most of you know, exactly two weeks ago, I celebrated That Bookshelf Bitch‘s 6th month of blogging by conducting a huge, international milestone giveaway! The giveaway was divided into five parts, which gave me the allowance I needed in order to accommodate a total of nine winners. Which brings us to the primary purpose of this post. The nine lucky giveaway recipients will finally be announced!

Before the actual announcement, however, allow me to incoherently, mindlessly babble for a bit. I’ll try to keep this part as short as possible, so kindly bear with me.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again: this is my first time to conduct a giveaway on my blog. I did not set any expectations at all, but I surely did not anticipate how massive of a whirlwind the experience would be. From actively seeking out authors willing to work hand in hand with me to constantly (and oftentimes shamelessly, might I add) promoting this giveaway in social media platforms, the past two weeks have been very eventful indeed. I’ve met numerous bloggers (albeit virtually), I’ve unearthed the courage to talk to more “in-real-life” friends and acquaintances about my interests in reading and blogging, and I’ve built more personal relationships with a number of brilliant authors. In fact, one of my favorite authors actually wrote about my blog and me on her website (My heart still continues to fervently palpitate because of this!). Additionally, I was given the opportunity to have author interviews and the motivation to finish a couple of incredibly overdue book reviews.


  • Long story short, I had a lot of fun with this! This is definitely something I’d love to do again someday! But of course, my first attempt at throwing a giveaway wouldn’t even come to fruition without the assistance of a number of people.

    I’d like to extend my most heartfelt thanks to the following authors for agreeing to partner with me, for repeatedly promoting my blog’s giveaway on social media and for generally being lovely and generous people:

    Nicole Loufas [Website | Facebook | Twitter]
    C.L. Denault [Website | Facebook | Twitter]
    Jessica Peterson [Website | Facebook | Twitter]
    Danika Stone [Website | Facebook | Twitter]
    Colleen Halverson [Website | Facebook | Twitter]
    Sarah Noffke [Website | Facebook | Twitter]
    C.J. Anaya [Website | Facebook | Twitter]
    J.A. George [Website | Twitter]

    In case you aren’t one of the giveaway winners, I still think you should buy yourself a copy of their books! As you (should) know, I’ve already read — reread and even reviewed! — most of the novels included in my giveaway. I can guarantee that they’re worth looking into. You can easily purchase a copy through Amazon or The Book Depository! Don’t worry. I’ve taken the liberty of providing the necessary links in the latter portion of this post.

    Thank you as well to my ridiculously supportive college friends! You know who you are and I love you for that. Jan, thank you for taking the time to make a few publicity materials for me! You’re a life saver. And finally, thank you to everyone for not only participating in the online raffles but for also assisting me in spreading the word about my milestone celebration! All five parts of the giveaway garnered a staggering total of 2,279 entries — which is an extremely misleading statistical data as most people submitted multiple entries and entered more than one part of the giveaway but, you know, whatever. I’m thrilled by the turnout. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Now, let’s get to the announcement, yes?

    Prize(s): signed paperback copies of The Lunam Ceremony [Amazon | The Book Depository] and Thizz, A Love Story [Amazon | The Book Depository] both by Nicole Loufas
    Congratulations to the winner, Shea Iris Samonte!

    Prize(s): signed paperback copies of Gambit [Amazon | The Book Depository] by C.L. Denault + complimentary Gambit-inspired necklaces
    Congratulations to the two winners, Inah Santos and Jan Moldez!

    Prize(s): signed paperback copy of Spanish Lessons [Amazon* | The Book Depository] by Jessica Peterson
    * A Kindle book is currently free of purchase on Amazon.
    Congratulations to the winner, Yanta Zubiri!

    Prize(s): signed Advance Reading Copy of All the Feels [Amazon | The Book Depository] by Danika Stone
    Congratulations to the winner, Kimberly Faye Rocero!

    Prize(s): digital copies (ebooks) of Through the Veil [Amazon | The Book Depository] by Colleen Halverson, Suspended [Amazon | The Book Depository] by Sarah Noffke, Gifted [Amazon] by J.A. George, The Healer [Amazon | The Book Depository] and Marry Your Billionaire [Amazon | The Book Depository] both by C.J. Anaya
    Congratulations to the four winners, Sumedha, Megan M., Emily Branson and Caity Pickerill!

    And that’s it!

    All nine winners will be contacted via email shortly after the publication of this announcement post. They will then be given four (4) days to respond to the email with the needed information in order to fully claim their prizes. In the event that any of the prizes is still unclaimed after the four-day period, another winner will be drawn randomly via Rafflecopter. Once again, a massive thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the nine lucky individuals! Stick around for my next giveaway (which will hopefully be sooner than you think).

    Note: The prizes offered in the online raffles are sponsored by multiple authors. Shealea is in no way responsible for losses and/or damages involving the packaging, shipping, delivering and/or receiving of prizes, should there be any.

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