Blog update! – 05/22/16

Hello, everyone!

Really, really quick post.

I’m still technically going through a hiatus on book reviews and most blogging stuff. Currently, my semester’s about to end and most of my time is spent studying for final exams and finishing up academic requirements (hi ChE 131 critique paper) (what’s good EEE 1) (you will be missed, sleep). Anyway. In an attempt to make this post look a lot more organized and coherent than it actually is, let’s use a list-like format for the rest of the content!


A couple of days ago, I published a post regarding the lowest point in my life. It’s probably the most depressing thing I’ve written in ages, and I wasn’t expecting anyone to actually read the entire thing, much less to comment on it. With that said, I am overwhelmed with all of the encouraging responses I’ve received!

I haven’t replied to any of them (sorry!) because I have two final exams tomorrow and I have yet to study for either one (kill me). For now, let me take a brief moment to express my gratitude: Thank you all so much!!! I greatly appreciate every single one of them. And let me reassure all of you that I’m fine. I’m feeling somewhat better.

I’d like to particularly thank Jorene @ Page Chronicles for sending me one of the most thoughtful and encouraging messages I’ve ever received on Twitter. It really helped and it was kind of a relief to know that there’s someone who’s ready to listen to my woes in life. Jorene, you are a blessing!


It turns out that I have a book tour post scheduled on the 25th. I’ve already read the book and well, I don’t want to go back on my word so I’ll definitely whip up a review for that, despite my academic workload. After that, I don’t know when I’ll have the time to write another review. My semester will officially end on the 28th, but as far as I know, my parents are planning a small out-of-town getaway for the entire family. Also, I have other non-academic stuff that I have to deal with right away. I honestly don’t know when I’ll finally manage to get some free time to sit down and write.


Aside from the book tour and the personal blog post, I’ve also asked my friend Shea @ Bookish Wanderlust to write a guest post! This is a first for my blog, and I am genuinely excited about it.


I think a few weeks back, I introduced an open forum-ish sort of thing for my blog. Some questions were already left in this post, but since I haven’t done answered anything yet, I’m still open to receiving more. With that said, if you have anything you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below! Anything that isn’t too intrusive or too personal is fine – things like “Has ES 1 killed you yet?”, “What’s your least favorite Pokemon?”, “What’s your favorite starter Pokemon?”, “Do you still know all the lyrics of the Kim Possible theme song?”, and other random, fun nuggets. (Read: Please give me a distraction from this hell I’m in.)


I think my blog is a little over five months old now? That’s pretty cool.


If you’re interested in keeping up with my misadventures and stress eating, follow my personal Twitter: @shealeairal. For book-related stuff, follow me at @bookshelfbitch.

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10 thoughts on “Blog update! – 05/22/16”

  1. Good luck with your exams! And thank you so much for sharing these posts with us. I hate giving ‘oh it will all work out’ type of advice because well, it’s easy to say but does it help? But just know that, you can always write it out, you will always have people here who care and who will read and listen, and you are absolutely not alone! Also – many many virtual hugs. xx

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  2. Hi there! Thanks for stumbling over my site, and for that I’ll take you up on your number Five =)

    Do you write privately? It helps, I think, when you’re going through something, to keep writing and trying to articulate your feelings, even if it’s not meant to be read by others (this is also related to your number One. Hope you’re hanging in there).

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