Poetic Attempt || One

“She’s not like you,” they point out.
“She never lets anyone in.”
I wrap my arms around my knees.

“She’s not like you,” they repeat.
“She wears the fakest of smiles.”
I let my lips twitch for just a moment.

“She’s not like you,” they assert.
“She hardly ever speaks her mind.”
I close my eyes and nod.

“She’s not like you,” they elaborate.
“She uses silly things to distract herself from the hurt.”
I glance at the shelf of books near my desk.

“She’s not like you,” they’re convinced.
“She hides how often she cries herself to sleep.”
I feel the weight of the dark circles under my eyes.

“She’s not like you,” they conclude.
“You wear your heart on your sleeve.”
I don’t.

(Written on March 19, 2016)

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First of her name. Queen of millennials and the constantly caffeinated. Protector of books. Breaker of norms. Iskolar ng bayan.

18 thoughts on “Poetic Attempt || One”

  1. I’m not someone who usually reads a lot of poems (or understands them, but that’s not the point). Though this one really left me speechless 😶 Wow, keep writing these, seriously, nothing to be afraid of!

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