The Miranda Sings Award

Okay, in a post I published some time ago, I expressed my sentiments about blog tags and awards. While I still stand by them, I’ve been wanting to give this a go, and today seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I don’t want to damper anyone’s mood or to sound like a Negative Nancy (if your name really is Nancy, my apologies) or anything, but yesterday was a significantly upsetting day for me. As I mentioned in my previous post, last Saturday was my first time going home to my hometown after a month of staying in University. As usual, my parents prepared all of my favorite dishes and my sister baked extremely delicious desserts (cough, white chocolate cream cheese Oreo fudge, cough). It was really, really, really great. I mean, I was reunited with the people (and the bed) I love, and I finally slept for more than eight hours! However, yesterday, I visited one of my relatives and well, to put it crudely, talking to her made me feel like a really shitty person.

Basically, she brought up a number of things that really upset me and made me think very poorly of myself. Which is something I’ve been trying to work on ever since I started college.

While I was entertaining some borderline self-loathing pretty self-depreciating thoughts, The Miranda Sings Award (created by the wonderful Claudia) suddenly came to mind. It was then I realized that this was exactly what I needed: positivity and bucketfuls of self-love. With all that said, thank you very much to my inconceivably awesome friend from aVeryAwkwardBlog for nominating me to do this! (P.S. I also grabbed the award banner from his blog, whoops.)

Again, I’ll be honest. I don’t know who Miranda Sings actually is (please refrain from chucking your food, beverages and laptops at me out of disbelief and outrage) but I’ll definitely look her up after I finish typing up this post. I promise. I even swear bear.

For the Miranda Sings Award, here are the rules:

(1) Announce your win with a post, and link the blogger who nominated you.
(2) Include the featured image on your blog post.
(3) Nominate 10 bloggers (or as many as you can think of) and link your awardees in the post.
(4) List seven (7) things you love about yourself. (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
(5) Don’t use negative connotation (i.e. Don’t say things like – “I’m prettier than an average person.” or “People have told me I’m smart.” You are pretty. You are smart.)

This photo was actually taken way back before my sophomore year. I’m pretty sure I haven’t matured since.

One. My long legs are my favorite physical assets. I’ve always been told that while my sisters take mainly after my father, I, on the other hand, am a strange mix of both my mom and dad, with a slight inclination towards the latter. 40/60, if you will. Having said that, face-wise, I don’t look much like my mother (who is, to date, one of the most stunning women I know), which is why I’m really glad I inherited her great, shapely legs. (Good job, genes!!!) This is slightly advantageous as I enjoy wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses. Oh and, you know, modeling opportunities – just kidding!

Two. My relatively fast metabolism complements my constant, giant appetite. If you ask any of my friends, they’ll immediately agree that I am quite the big eater (or “matakaw” in Filipino), especially in terms of rice servings. Mang Inasal and other food establishments that offer unlimited rice portions are my nirvana. Additionally, I’m self-diagnosed with stress eating –- a serious medical condition faced by almost all college students. It’s really convenient that I can typically eat as much as I want without worrying about gaining unwanted weight.

Three. My sense of humor pretty much consists of 40% dirty jokes, 40% sexual innuendos and 20% other funny things. I’m not ashamed to admit (or even to publicly announce) that I greatly enjoy suggestive humor. All kinds, really! From the ever traditional “That’s what she said.” to the kind of humor integrated into the fairly recent Deadpool movie. I find all of them equally entertaining, and I can’t help but insert my two cents (among other things I like inserting – wink, wink) (that would have been a lot funnier if I were actually a guy) (but hey, I tried) every now and then. Plus, being green-minded always leads to very fascinating, highly amusing conversations. There’s no shame in pulling out (if you know what I mean) sexual innuendos, provided you’re with appropriate company.

Four. I’m very friendly with an equally approachable face. While I consider myself to be both a slight introvert and a lazy bum, I do enjoy talking to people. And I like having really lengthy conversations even though they immediately tire me out right after. Conversations are simultaneously refreshing and exhausting, but by the end of the day, they’re pretty worthwhile. Whenever people approach me first (provided that they aren’t being creepy in any way) or whenever I’m given a compliment regarding how friendly I am or how easy it is to talk to me because I look so approachable, my day gets seriously brightened up! I’m talking about an approximate 500 kilowatts here.

Five. I’m generally a pretty fast reader. When given the right momentum, I can easily consume multiple novels while barely noticing my progress! Take the last two months, for example. I ended up reading 15 (more or less) books in each month despite multiple exams and a very hectic schedule. Now if only I can write stuff in the same quick pace.

Six. It’s easy to trust me. And I don’t mean that in a “Ha! I fooled you.” kind of way, because I do believe that I’m significantly trustworthy. It deeply warms my heart whenever I notice someone is finding it easy to confide in me or to talk to me about sensitive/controversial/weird/delicate topics. And I’m not just talking about secrets and confessions and whatever. But even the most taboo, kind of controversial of things such as sex and religion and politics and the craziest of quirks. Seriously, I’m very open-minded so I’m fine with talking about pretty much anything! But I digress. My point is: there’s something inexplicably rewarding and beautifully heart-wrenching in receiving a person’s trust.

Seven. I’m currently in the best university of the country! And I’m not saying this because of statistics or because UP Diliman is Philippines’ premier, national university, which is why it’s typically regarded as the best and the brightest. Personally, I consider UP Diliman as the best there is mainly because it’s the best for me in the sense that I’ve never grown so much and so drastically before I enrolled into the university. UPD has opened my eyes to so many things and has continuously taught me that there is always a better version of myself that I can strive to become. And I don’t think I could have found this particular kind of growth or this line of thinking anywhere else. Now that I think about it, I was once asked the question (via, “What is the best thing about being in UP?”

My response was as follows:

UP never fails to keep me humble … to the point of shattering my self-esteem so much that I view everything I say and do as mediocrity. Just kidding. Or not. Hahaha!

But really, being in UP does keep me on my toes. I’m constantly being taught that I can’t afford to be complacent. Hindi halata (it isn’t obvious), but I appreciate the difficulty here. Minsan kasi kailangan muna nating mahulog para ma-realize natin na kailangan nating bumangon. (Sometimes, we have to fall first before we realize that we need to rise up.)

And there you have it! Seven little things that I love about myself. Anyway. I’d like to nominate the following lovely people to claim this award as well (mainly because I really want to get to know all of you more.

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27 thoughts on “The Miranda Sings Award”

  1. Aw, this award is so sweet and cute! ❤ 😀 I'm glad you are feeling better : I know relatives that do the exact same thing. Thankfully, I only see those peeps every few years, so it's tolerable XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha I didn’t even realise that this award even existed, but the idea behind it is great. I was so late to the Miranda Sings thing and will admit that I don’t know a heap about her either. Me and my friends have a 85% rate of sexual jokes being our main source of humour. We’re so weird. But whatever, at least we’re having fun right? Thanks for the nomination, it was great to read more about you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how empowering this award is! I have to admit that my legs are probably my least favorite feature of my body since I’m pretty short (only 5’3″) and don’t have long legs. And I laughed at your humor fact. I also have to confess that I have very dry humor. XD And love the photo, Shealea!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Summer! What. Being short has its perks. I know you must be tired of hearing this, but you get to be adorable without even trying! That’s like a coveted superpower.

      And I totally agree. It’s great to stumble upon awards that radiate so much positivity and self-empowerment!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. heeeheeeeeyyy!!! thanks for the nomination!! 😀
    First off, don’t mind those negative people. Sometimes, they just don’t want to see their own shortcomings, which is why they turn to other people so they don’t have to mind their own.

    Two… I work in UP Technohub, you study just across from where I work. Haha. Small world. I love Rodic’s and Mang Larry’s isaws. Grabe. I wish I can go to UP more often. It’s so peaceful there.

    Three… why can’t I have fast metabolism like you?

    Four… It’s a struggle for me to read a whole novel nowadays. But you… you read 15 in a month?? Haha. What kind of monster are you??? 😀

    Five… I envy your long legs. Haha. Naaah. Just kidding. I’m okay. Haha.

    Again. Thanks for the tag. 🙂 Maybe we can meet up sometimes and discuss books… in person! Wooohoooo!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It isn’t a problem! I look forward to reading your answers. 😊

      Whoa, oh em, you’re really close by! I’d love a chat with you in person. 😊 I haven’t been in Technohub for more than a year as I usually eat in campus or in the Katipunan area. Still, I hope we’ll have the opportunity to do so! 😉

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  5. Thank you, Shealea (oh wait, is it okay if I call you Ate? Haha!)! Loved the seven things you listed, especially your statement on #7! I’m still a freshman in UPM but I can feel that this university will make me so much better while keeping my feet on the ground. #ProudIska Haha!
    And I definitely agree on #3. GREEN JOKES FOR THE WIN.
    By the way, I loooove Miranda Sings so I hope you could look her up on YouTube… yep, she’s (weirdly) awesome! Don’t worry, we’ll not throw tomatoes at you or anything. 🙂


    1. Sure thing! And if you’re more comfortable using “ate”, go for it. I don’t mind. 😊 Tbh, I still feel like a freshie. I mean, not much has changed. I’m still as clueless and lazy as I was three years ago. Haha. Anyway. I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying your first year so far! 😉

      Yeah, I honestly like hanging out with chill guys for the jokes. They make the best, most hilarious ones! 😂

      Yep, I looked her up and she’s pretty cool. Haha. I hope you do this award! Really excited to read what you write. 💞

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you for the nomination, Shealea. I always wondered how you pronounce your name (“she” then “lea”?), I don’t know if I’ve been saying it wrong in my head all this time.
    You are so blessed to have fast metabolism! Every burger and potato chip I’ve ever eaten shows on my figure, lol, so weight is always a struggle. I just try to counter it with healthier choices. Stress eating is also my vice, especially chocolates! </3
    Haha you have every right to be proud as a Diliman student. It is a prestigious university with a remarkable history, not to mention academic programs that promotes excellence. Which program are you currently taking? 🙂
    and I'm so sorry to hear about your relatives. Sighs. Sometimes they feel like they are doing the right thing or that they are just giving "advices", but they are actually hurtful and tactless. I hope you feel better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome. I hope you do it because I’d love to read yours. 😊 It’s “She” as in shell, “lay” then “yuh”. Basically Shealea except the first ‘a’ is silent. Yeah, I don’t get it either. 😂

      I’m trying to eat healthier too. And I’m considering working out and everything, but it’s such a hassle when it’s simultaneous with studies. 💔 No worrie though. You’re still really pretty, regardless. 😊

      And thank you! I’m taking up BS Chemical Engineering. Currently in third year. Have you finished college? Or are you still a student?

      Yeah, it happens every now and then. Thank you! I’m fine. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s such a pretty name! And unique too, I don’t think I’ve met anyone else with your name 😀 And yes a balance of eating healthily and working out would be the dream. At least you get to walk around the campus a lot? XD

        Oh yeah I remember, I think you mentioned taking up Chem Eng before. Wow, that is quite a tricky course, but you’re almost there so keep it up! I, on the other hand, have been out of school for 7 years *cheers* I graduated in 2007 from UST, I took up Occupational Therapy and worked since then. I’m presently a housewife and running after my little kid on a daily basis XD

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you! Fairly certain my mom made it up. 😂 The downside to having classes in separate buildings 15-20 minutes of walking distance apart is the extremely hot weather and unforgiving sun. I’m getting darker every day. 🙁 HUHU.

          Thank you! And oh my god, that is awesome. Good for you! I love kids. 😍 Girl or boy? And how old? Aaaaaaah. Sorry, I get really excited about these things. 😅


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