Quick update! – 03/05/16

Yep, this is another one of those posts in which I try to cram in as many updates and life happenings as possible. Kindly bear with me and forgive the incoherent flow of my thoughts.

I’ve finished responding to all the review requests I received last month!

You may or may not recall that last month, I announced that I was putting my review requests on hold for the rest of February. This was mainly due to exams and other college requirements. Eww, I know. Thankfully, I was finally able to reply to all my emails this week, courtesy of my seven-day respite from intense academics. If I’m not mistaken, I dealt with nine review requests. Unfortunately, I did not accept all of them for varying, case-to-case reasons.

This really bothered me for a while. I hate turning down authors and the opportunity to help them improve their work. I mean, they invested so much of their time and selves to produce an original output they can call their own. However, I guess I have to accept the reality that I don’t actually have all the free time in the world. Also, I may, at times, not be the best person to offer constructive, substantial feedback regarding a story, especially when it’s a genre I have little to no interest in. Still, this knowledge doesn’t make the rejecting process less painful.

On a more positive note, I am pleased to say that I’ve agreed to read and review the works of David Meredith, Sabine Wilder, Michele Amitrani and Nenia Campbell!

I’ve already received a digital copy of Meredith’s The Reflections of Queen Snow White. I’m a huge fan of retellings, but I’ve also been one to speculate on classic fairytales and what may or may not happen beyond the stories. Say, what if Snow White would have a daughter? That is exactly what this book is all about! I’m looking forward to giving this novel a read and I hope I end up loving it as much as I love the television series, Once Upon A Time.

Additionally, Sabine Wilder has agreed to send me a physical ARC of her book, Runaway. I’m pretty excited about this not just because this is possibly the first physical ARC I’ll ever receive but also (and mainly!) because of the story’s premise. I was told that Runaway is a paranormal thriller, and quite honestly, I haven’t read one of those for quite some time now.

I was pretty thrilled and pretty darn flattered upon reading Nenia Campbell’s review request for Cloak and Dagger. I’ve rarely received praises from authors regarding my honesty, especially when said honesty isn’t always as pleasant as people may prefer. I was also pleasantly surprised when she brought up specific reviews that I previously posted. Really, I just can’t believe anyone would bother. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading the digital copy she sent me as well!

I have yet to receive a copy of Amitrani’s Omnilogos, which is fine because I only replied to his email this morning. Still, the book holds a pretty intriguing premise that I have yet to encounter elsewhere.

I’ve already read four books this month!

Yep, you’ve heard correctly. Five days into March and I have already gone through four books, namely Hell School: Fresh Meat by Heidi Angell, Ugly by Margaret McHeyzer, Always Kiss Me Goodnight by Megan Gaudino, and lastly, Playing Defense by Cate Cameron. The first novel I read was for the book tour I keep mentioning in my posts! I haven’t actually typed up a book review for it, but rest assured, it’ll be up and available this 22nd of March.

Currently, I’m reading Girl of Myth and Legend by Giselle Simlett. A cool title, yes? Right now, I am kind of underwhelmed so I’m hoping the story starts improving.

Anyway. I think I have to slow down my reading pace as I am plenty of book reviews behind. Seriously, the struggle is real. However, I am very much looking forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with all 434 (gasp, I know) of you.

My seven-day break from exams is almost over!

I have an upcoming exam next, next week and another one a week after that and so on and so forth. Which not only sucks but also means fewer posts, fewer reviews, fewer comments and less presence from me. But I’m hanging in there! And that’s something.

I received a letter from a fellow blogger today!

Pretty self-explanatory, yes? This morning, one of my dorm’s security guards approached me and handed me a letter sent all the way from States and written by none other than my friend, Jacob! I was ecstatic about it because truthfully, I have never traded letters with someone from halfway across the world. I know it is kind of dorky to say that I have a penpal, especially in this digital, technological age, but I honestly find this really cool!

The letter was dated February 14, 2016. As I mentioned, I just received it this morning so I guess, like everything else in the Philippines, even the mail delivery system is inarguably inefficient. (Cough, hi presidential candidates, cough.)

Seeing those extremely awesome Harry Potter stamps made me very giddy!!! I adored them.

Jacob, as promised, I’m letting you know that I have received and read your letter. Thank you very much! I loved it, and it certainly made my day a whole lot more interesting. I can’t wait to write one back when I find the time. I can’t promise equally great letter stamps, though.

I also received a book as a gift!

I can’t remember the exact date, but I think it was a little over a week ago when I received a gift from one of my org mates. It wasn’t just any gift, though. It was pretty much the latest Christmas gift I have ever received. πŸ˜‚ It even had the appropriate wrapping!

You see, last semester, right before Christmas break, UP ALCHEMES had a Secret Santa activity going on. Naturally, I signed up for it. Unfortunately, I left the University and went back home to my province slightly earlier than I anticipated. Although I was able to ask my friend to give my exchange gift for me, I was unable to receive the gift intended for me during the event proper. I’m quite happy that I finally received it, and I’m even happier that I was given a David Leviathan novel!

I’ve been wanting to give Leviathan’s writing a try for a long while now. I’ve heard nothing but great feedback from my friends about him. Moreover, what better novel to start with than Every Day? Seriously, this appears to be a novel with a forbidden romance I have yet to come across! Needless to say, I’m both intrigued and excited to give this little beauty a read.

After staying a month in campus, I’m finally going home! πŸ’“πŸ’ž

Yep, yep, I just had to save the best bit for last. UP Diliman is three hours, give or take, away from my province, Pampanga (aka the best place on the planet).

Of course, I try to go home during weekends whenever I can, but it’s a lot more difficult to do this semester, especially with Saturday classes and long exams on Saturdays and Mondays. The travel is not only time-consuming but also exhausting and physically draining. Whenever I have plenty of upcoming exams, I find it best to use the weekends to study and to rest up in my dorm rather than using up six hours to go to and from Pampanga.

With all that said, I am just beyond relieved that I finally have the rare opportunity to go home! And that’s it, really. There isn’t much going on in my life at the moment. But feel free to tell me about yours in the comments section!

Specifically, how many books have you read so far and how many are you hoping to read this month? Have you read Every Day, and if you have, what are your thoughts on it? Are any of the books I’ve mentioned familiar to you? What are your plans for this weekend? And finally, on a scale of 1 to Shealea (Shealea being the highest), how haggard do you look every day? πŸ˜‚πŸ”«

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  1. I’ve read about four books too yet, I’m actually planning to read lesser this month. I’m about a 4 on the scale because I basically have just holidays and exams right now. I love correspondence through letters and email too! It has that charm and I love it

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