Wrap-Up || January 2016

Hi, everyone! I currently have a mountain of academic requirements I have yet to climb over, so this is just going to be a really quick wrap-up post of all the books I’ve read for the month of January and whatever else! How many books have I read, you ask? A surprising total of fourteen (14) books! Did you know that my Goodreads 2015 reading challenge was set to a mere fifteen books for an entire year? And now I’m breezing through fourteen in just a month? What even. Anyway, here they are!

Books I’ve read and reviewed this January!

Books I’ve read, but have yet to review this January!

Books I did not finish reading this January!

What I am currently doing!

Still trying to rewrite all my ChE 131 notes. I went home for the weekend, and I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be (nothing out of the ordinary, really). I kept getting distracted from studying and finishing up my plates. I ended up binge-eating (does that word even exist?) and watching a couple of Pokemon movies. Ugh.

Anyway. This is my first attempt at drafting up a monthly wrap-up post. Hopefully, next month’s wrap-up will be more comprehensive. But nonetheless, how was your first month of 2016? Let me know about it by leaving a comment on this post! Until then, cheers to February 2016!

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32 thoughts on “Wrap-Up || January 2016”

  1. Wonderful reading month, Shealea! I have to say I had a pretty pitiful one compared to yours with only having read 3 books in January. But I’m sort of happy with my pace (my goal is to read 30 books a year). And that’s awesome; you’re steadily going through the bookish challenges. Happy reading and blogging!

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    1. Thank you, Summer! What matters isn’t the rate of how fast we’re reading, but rather how much we’re enjoying ourselves as we read. On that acccount, I think you’re doing great! 😊 Happy reading and blogging to you as well.

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  2. 0.0 *gasp* Your hand-writing is so amazing! *is jealous* *reason why I never took hand-written notes* >.> *was a horrible student*

    And my goodness that is quite a lot of books in January! Nice shootin’! ^.^ I’m still looking forward to your Gambit review though. *is way too eager* :p

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    1. Aww, thank you! I’m quite proud of my penmanship, truth be told. 😝 And I get really obsessive over the neatness of my notes.

      I am hoping to finally finish the review this weekend! Right now, school is in the way. Meh.

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      1. You should be proud! It’s amazing! My handwriting is so illegible that sometimes I can’t even tell what I’m trying to write. :p *was a horrible student* hee hee.
        Yay! I look forward to it, but don’t rush. School is way more important. I can wait. *fangirls silently*


  3. I did the Backlist Books challenge too. I’ve read 18 books in January and my initials goodreads challenge goal is 53 book in a year – so I’m somewhat ahead, as well! I’m hoping to keep up the momentum this month, but I’m not sure how I’ll do. We’ll see!

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    1. Before anything else, thank you for all the lovely comments you left in my reviews! I’m humbled that someone would actually take the time to read most of them. That is insane! Just as insane as your momentum. πŸ˜‰ Good luck and happy reading! 😊

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  4. I was happy with reading 5 books this month, but your 14 has completely blown me out the water! Well done for getting so much read!
    I totally understand university work getting in the way of your blogging, luckily I’m doing English Literature so it adds to my goodreads reading goal for the month, but they aren’t books I want to read or review really, they’re ones I have to. It really cuts into my pleasure reading time unfortunately, but hopefully if my reading speed goes up I’ll be able to read more!

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      1. I do enjoy it, even if the books aren’t my favourites, the analysis part has always been what I’ve enjoyed most about the course anyway, and because they aren’t books I’d read in my spare time it doesn’t ruin books I love!

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