1,500 followers and 25,000 visits!!! [And a giveaway]

Hello there, everyone! I don’t know what to say, truth be told. The post title pretty much sums everything up. Having said that, I think it would be best to keep this short, simple and straightforward.

A couple of weeks ago, That Bookshelf Bitch hit 25,000 site visits — an incredibly large numerical figure I once thought to be impossible to reach. Additionally, within the same week, my blog surpassed the 1,500-followers mark — another tremendous feat that I didn’t think would ever happen to me. Can I just say, it is absolutely heartwarming to know that there is a large audience of people interested in what I write and in what I post! To reach two huge milestones in seven days is incredibly surreal and wonderfully overwhelming! None of this would have happened without all of you!

To celebrate these little achievements, I’m conducting a couple of international giveaways! Many thanks to the authors for making this possible!


Poetic Attempt || Seventeen

let this be an open letter to
all the fools with deliberately jaded eyes
eyelids shut tight, refusing to acknowledge color
disillusioned into finding beauty in blank portraits
as if there is brilliance and artistry
in painting white over a people’s heritage
they would rather gouge both irises out and
plead blindness as opposed to
stretching their arms out to embrace diversity
but colors demand to be seen as they converge together
into the fissures between tectonic plates
surging upwards as a wellspring of history
and giving birth to cultures that will
outlive all these fools


Poetic Attempt || Sixteen

[ t h i r d ]
ink bleeds through crisp pages
for the sake of giving birth to
letters that make love
creating pretty sentences
that paint vivid sunsets
we find beautiful
and somewhere in the heart
of our madness
we start to believe that perhaps
rough patches of flesh
stained by ink from our own veins
are just as lovely


Poetic Attempt || Twelve

in the midst of our own unraveling
we found each other
and although our collision was fleeting
our lives are entangled indefinitely
into a chaotic tapestry
with a length that can rival
the limits of our universe
with stories transcending
the nature of time and space
its gravity unparalleled
but only felt
between the two of us