500 Words or Less, by Juleah del Rosario || A verse novel with heart-wrenching dysphoria & untapped potential (& a giveaway)

Title: 500 Words or Less
Author: Juleah del Rosario
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Poetry
Copy: Digital ARC

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To put it quite bluntly, I have a lot of mixed feelings about 500 Words or Less, especially when in relation to the expectations that I had before diving in. After learning that Juleah del Rosario is a Filipino author, I was incredibly excited to read her debut novel told in verse (being a Filipino myself and all that). I’ve only read one verse novel before — The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo, which I ended up thoroughly enjoying. However, for me, 500 Words or Less seemed to pale in comparison.

500 Words or Less follows a Chinese-American girl who cheated on her now-ex-boyfriend with his best friend and, in doing so, lost her relationship and severely tainted her reputation in school. In an attempt to save face among her peers, Nic capitalizes on her writing skills and begins offering her fellow senior students to write their college admissions essays for them.



Fall 2018: Asian sci-fi & fantasy releases to fall in love with

I’ll be honest with you, guys. I was born, raised, and still currently reside in the Philippines, which only has two seasons: really wet and really dry (Speaking of, another huge typhoon just hit the country – what else is new, really – and I’m hoping everyone was safe and unharmed). Having never experienced fall, winter, or even spring, I had to ✨ Google search ✨ my way into figuring out what months of the year comprise the fall season.

According to Google, falls begins on the first day of September and lasts until the last day of November – so that’s the timeframe I’m working with. If I’m wrong and Google has betrayed me without my knowledge, feel free to correct me!

Anyway, for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, the prompt is ‘Books on My Fall 2018 TBR’. I recently discussed why I’m not the type to make TBR posts, and if you read that post, you would understand why I’ve decided to share science fiction and fantasy releases from Asian authors that will be (or have already been) released in Fall 2018.


Hidden gems in the romance genre? Let’s talk about #romanceclass! (& a giveaway)

Hidden gems – when I read these two simple words as this week’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday (a weekly meme originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl), the type of post I wanted to write became immediately, instantaneously clear to me.

The #romanceclass community is a bookish community that’s close to my heart partly because it is primarily made up of authors, writers, and readers who are Filipino like me, and largely because, through #romanceclass, I was introduced to both incredible books and incredible people.

Of course, if this is your first time encountering #romanceclass, I think it’s best for me to define what #romanceclass books are. Basically, they’re contemporary romance stories written primarily in the English language, have romance as their main plot, provide happy endings that’ll fill our souls up with kilig, and have had the #romanceclass community involved in its publishing process. Most of these books feature Filipino main characters (YAS QUEEN!!!). For more specifics, check out their website.

With that said, for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, I will be sharing a number of #romanceclass books that you should probably maybe most definitely add to your TBRs and wish lists! (Personally, one of the things I love the most about these books is that they’re fantastic, swoon-filled reads at a shockingly affordable price! So I’ll be dropping price tags here and there.)


Reign of Mist, by Helen Scheuerer || The future of YA fantasy is unapologetically female (& a giveaway)

Title: Reign of Mist
Author: Helen Scheuerer
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Copy: Paperback

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The realm’s darkest secret is out.

The cruelty of the capital and the power-hungry King Arden have scattered Bleak and her companions across the continents.

On the run in a foreign land, Bleak finds herself tied to some unexpected strangers. When the answers she yearns for are finally within reach, she must face the hard truths of her past, and take her fate into her own hands before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, secrets and magic unravel as a dark power corrupts the realm. Bleak’s friends are forced to decide where their loyalties lie, and who, if anyone, they can trust.

But one thing is certain: war is coming, and they must all be ready when it does.


Recently, I wrote about 10 things a reader can expect from Helen Scheuerer’s highly anticipated release, Reign of Mist, which is the second installment in The Oremere Chronicles. It really isn’t a secret that I’m a huge, huge fan of the world and the characters that Helen has created – especially if we take into consideration the frequency and intensity at which I recommend this high fantasy series (i.e. all the time and ALWAYS IN ALL CAPS).


Why I’m not the type to write monthly to-be-read lists (ft. my first attempt at a TBR post)

I’m not the type to write monthly to-be-read lists (and subsequently posting said lists on my blog as a form of accountability) but, under current circumstances, I have decided to finally give this thing a shot! But before we get to that, let’s briefly discuss why I typically do not engage in such practice.

Normally, I love, love, and love everything list-related, but if I’m being really honest, I never understood the need for monthly to-be-read (or TBR) lists. It’s a commonplace thing for book bloggers to share what they intend to read for the month, and monthly TBR blog posts are pretty popular, too (exhibit A: my friend Kate’s September 2018 TBR wherein her boyfriend picks out her reads for this month – too adorable for my life, by the way).

However, every time I encounter a blogger’s TBR post for [insert month here], I immediately think, “Um, nope.” And by that, I’m not trying to shame the people who openly talk about the list of books they intend to read. Nor am I implying that TBR posts are bad or wrong or any other negative adjective that comes to mind. It’s just that, from a personal standpoint, monthly to-be-read lists aren’t very useful for me, and here’s why.


10 feel-good TV series to binge watch (while rewriting notes – WHAT?)

As much as I enjoy reading, this Southeast Asian bookworm is also hugely into television series – which is another interest of mine that I don’t get to talk about very often on my blog. Thankfully, this week’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday (TTT) is bingeworthy TV series and movies. In case you didn’t know, this is a weekly meme originally created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

I consider myself to be a pretty busy person (what with college and extracurricular stuff and all) so I haven’t watched all the TV series that I’ve taken an interest in. In fact, I’m still two seasons behind on Game of Thrones – and yes, I feel pretty ashamed of myself for missing out on all its awesomeness and Jon Snow-related content. Nevertheless, I have managed to squeeze in a number of great TV series in my lifetime that I would love to talk about!

As a massive Marvel stan, it’s unsurprising that some of the series I loved are Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other superhero-related series like The Flash (up until that God awful season 2 finale that pissed me off, that is). But today, I’ve decided to take a little unique twist and share some lighter, more comedic TV series. Specifically, here are 10 feel-good TV series to binge-watch while rewriting notes!


Quick Kindle steals (Vol 2): Books you can buy for $2.99 or less!

Hey there! The essence of Quick Kindle steals is pretty simple and straightforward: hunt down any number of discounted (preferably $2.99 or less) or free e-books (either permanently or time-limited prices) and share these finds on my blog. Hopefully, doing this will help introduce struggling readers, such as myself, to more titles that they can afford! (If you’re interested in learning more about what inspired this idea, then you can read about it here.)

This isn’t a weekly feature, but I lurk around Amazon so frequently that I’ll definitely be doing more volumes of this! I also make Twitter threads about limited-time Kindle deals so be sure to follow me on Twitter and check out the #QuickKindleSteals hashtag. Also, make sure that you have the free Kindle app installed in your device before purchasing any of these books.